How to Marry the Dead by Francesca McMahon

How to Marry the Dead

Francesca McMahon

Life goes on when a child dies - captured here it's both tearfully painful and genuinely sad as well as laugh-aloud funny. But it's the detailed observations of the little things in life that make this book special. Will appeal to those who like a bit of 70s and 80s retro in their reading.

Mrs Roast was buying a new vacuum cleaner. She couldn't decide between the Electrolux High Suction 502 and the Deluxe 504. I said, 'It's no good asking me. I'm still using a carpet sweeper.' And my daughter died.
Eamonn phoned. He wanted to know what we were going to do about Christmas. I shouted, 'Go away,' into the receiver and then I put the phone down. I went into the kitchen and banged my forehead on the table, because there couldn't be any Christmas, not without Judith.
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