9987 by Nik Jones


Nik Jones

This first novel by Nik Jones is violent, vicious, nasty and utterly bleak. However, despite all this, the absolute brilliance of the writing makes it an enjoyable, exciting and even amusing read! The picture of the unnamed, unloved hero going quietly mad among his DVDs will linger long in the mind. Will you ever risk entering a DVD rental shop again?

She is wearing a crumpled blue blouse, which the blood seeps through heavy and dark, in long straight lines running diagonally down her back. She spots a gap in the crowd and is carried away, not a single customer pays her any attention. The shop vomits the two of them out and they go, ambling away past the windows and into the night while I sit in the rectum and stare at the customer in front of me. The blood from the girl has rubbed off on his shirt, second-hand stains printed diagonally across his stomach. I point and he shrugs.
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Explicit sexual content