The Lotus Eaters by Marianne Macdonald

The Lotus Eaters

Marianne Macdonald

Self-destruction and the hedonism of the dotcom boom: don't expect charming characters! Even Patty, 'a Marylin for the 90s', is infuriating. It is a vivid recreation of an era, though. You'll enjoy it if you are of the same generation as the characters and wish to feel that rush of adrenalin again.

The Mercedes with 'TOP G1N' plates had been waiting, engine purring, for twenty minutes. Patty hurried into the kitchen. She tore off a sheet of kitchen towel, crouched down and began stuffing it into the toes of her sling-back shoes. Tyrone watched with raised eyebrows. It was three hours after our lunch at La Brasserie and two hours before Mark and Christine, Simone and Jean-Pierre were due at mine for supper.
'I can' believe you're ditching me,' Tyrone said. 'You hated him. He fucked you over.'
'Well I know. Well, he didn't. Well, he's sorry.'
'Is that honestly the best you can do?'
Patty shoved her feet in the shoes. 'We're just - having fun! Isn't that allowed any more?

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