Two Cows and a Vanful of Smoke

by Peter Benson

Reluctant hero Elliot is a real country lad with a clear love of nature. Here, he tells us in his own colourful language how he inadvertently gets mixed up with a dangerous drug gang whilst trying to help a hopeless friend. Funny but poignant; beautiful yet raw.


'The fucking rope,' said the deep voice, and he started to untie it.
'Back...' I hissed at Spike, and I scrambled backwards, further into the undergrowth, the spikes of a blackthorn ripping at my face, me tugging at Spike's shirt until he moved, and we were as far in deep shadow as we could be. 'Get down...' and I lay flat, pulling him down beside me. Here, with my face pushed into the earth I could feel the curdling earth again, smell its worry and hear the sounds of ants rushing for cover and dark. A moment later the gap in the hoop house opened and a beast of a man stepped out, flexed and stood twenty-five yards from my nose.


Two Caravans by Monica Lewycka

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