Central Station

by Lavie Tidhar

Tel Aviv has become a central space port in a post-singularity solar system in this cyberpunk novel. Though light on plot, it is dense with imaginative mind-bending concepts such as data vampires, post-mortality packages and robot religions – with some humorous nods to Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide, thrown in for good measure. Great fun for all lovers of world-building fiction and virtual reality games players.


A group of disgruntled house appliances watched the sermon in the virtuality – coffee makers, cooling units, a couple of toilets – appliances, more than anyone else needed the robots’ guidance, yet they were often wilful, bitter, prone to petty arguments, both with their owners and with themselves. And: 'Your companion is oddly mute,' the elevator said. 'Her readings are very strange. She is not entirely human, is she, Mr. Jones.'

'Which of us ever is,' Achimwene said.


Summerland by Hannu Rajaniemi
Engine Summer by John Crowley

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