Jack Lives Here by Lynnette Lounsbury

Jack Lives Here

Lynnette Lounsbury

In the mood for madness and mayhem? Then follow Aussie teenager Lulu who thinks she has tracked down Jack Kerouac in Mexico. It's a rollercoaster road novel with larger than life characters, lots of swearing and unlikely events. But there is some getting of wisdom along the way.

'They will shoot us if we are armed.' Simple.
We didn't have to wait very long, only a few flashbacks of my childhood and a list of the many things I still wanted to do before I died, having sex being close to the top of the list at this point, imagine dying a virgin? Though a drink of water was also on my list. Things to do before I die: drink a glass of water in Mexico, spend four days purging it and then get the fuck out of the country.
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