Escape from Hell! by Hal Duncan

Escape from Hell!

Hal Duncan

What a rollercoaster read! It's fast and furious and I never knew what was coming next. Be warned there's a lot of swearing, violence and some nasty descriptions - but then this is Hell! Just go along for the ride - you'll have great fun.


As Knightly taps out a number, punches the dial button, Matthew gazes over the carnage, the roof a battlefield of bodies, smoke and rubble, flames rising from copters with police decals still visible in the wreckage. Seven kicks a severed arm off the scorched stained landing pad, barely discernable as a red cross in the centre of a wide white circle. Overhead, the Vox News copter circles.

  • Accomplice Books 1-4 by Steve Aylett
  • The Reaper by Josh Bazell
  • Vellum by Hal Duncan

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