Anarchy by Helen Larder


Helen Larder

Rebellion, disorder and mayhem…otherwise known as Anarchy, Breeze and Ethan, 3 pre-teens who form an unlikely alliance to challenge the failing education system they find themselves in. Beautifully written and easy to read, there could be deeper parallels for those with the nonce to figure it out.

'This is crazy. We've got to do something before someone gets badly injured.'
'What do you suggest?'
'Well, someone's got to ...control it. It'd work alright if only, say, three went in at a time.'
'Don't you think they can control it themselves?'
I've never had a fight, but right now I'm ready to punch her. She started this and now she's refusing to deal with it. On the floor, everyone's head butting each other like goats, taking no notice as another box falls.
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