The Electric Church

by Jeff Somers

This fast-paced easy-read book will appeal to sci-fi fans and more. Living in a grim, realistic future, ruthless assassin Avery Cates boasts that he has killed 26 times in his 27 years and is fast adding to his tally. A mesmerising plot absorbs and entices you to empathise with Cates, the homicidal 'good guy'. With language and settings that are truly nitty-gritty, you are left in no doubt that Cates is a man with definite beliefs.


If I was going to die inside this fucking tomb, it was going to be my decision. I'd been dancing for Marin and Moje and everyone else for too long. I didn't give a fuck about the cash - which I doubted I'd ever see, anyway - I wanted to put a shell into Dennis Squalor's head because I'd come this far and I wasn't going to get stopped now.
I whirled on Ty Kieth. 'Get that fucking door open!'
He swallowed and glanced down at his handheld, pointing it at the door and prodding its screen with his thumb, a practiced smooth gesture. Licking his lips he nodded.


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K Dick
The Terminator - the film
Blade Runner - the film

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