Glenfarron by Jonathan Falla


Jonathan Falla

Three stories in one, linked by the life of Dr. Charles Dulce. The small village of Glenfarron is haunted by xenophobia, sexual tension, missed opportunities, snobbery, colonialism, murder, mayhem and its very own ghosts. This is a unique take on the changing life of a remote village community, and is a must-read book.

She walked on a threadbare maroon runner along a landing which turned left towards the rear of the house, ending in a window. This overlooked outbuildings and the sheltering beech hedge, and then the upland moor to the south. Half a mile distant she saw again the burn, the path crossing the wooden footbridge and then the peaty, windswept emptiness. The sky was heavy with rain or maybe snow cloud. Anna realised how cold the house was.
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Explicit sexual content