Wetlands by Charlotte Roche


Charlotte Roche

Helen (18) is in hospital as a result of injury, self-inflicted, during a delicate shaving operation. While there, she relates her theories on female hygiene (or lack of), sex and every intimate bodily function and the fluids that accompany them. Readers beware. This book is extremely explicit and some of the descriptions cross into a territory not usually explored in literature. But if you’re up for it, it’s a disgustingly enjoyable book!

Shaving myself is stupid - I'm spoiled in that regard now. I'm used to being shaved. I think that if men want shaved women, they should take over the shaving. Don't saddle the women with all the work. In the absence of men, women wouldn't care at all how hairy they were. The best arrangement I can imagine would be for men and women to shave each other in whatever way they find most pleasing.
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Explicit sexual content