Rupture by Simon Lelic


Simon Lelic

Everyone knows who killed five people during assembly in a prestigious outer London Comprehensive school, but Detective Inspector Lucia May has to find out the reasons for his actions. Rupture is not only a truly suspense-filled 'Whydunnit' but also offers remarkable insights into the themes of power and responsibility. Not for those who want to believe that all British institutions are perfect.

'It's a joke. That's what it is. It's a joke report.'
She said nothing. So far she had said nothing.
'Come on, Lucia. Put me out of my misery. Show me the real one. This is hilarious, real comedy stuff, but give me the actual report. The one that says what we all need it to say .... The one that says this was a tragedy, that Szajkowski was a lunatic, that guns are a menace to our society.'
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