Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

Dark Matter

Michelle Paver

Arctic Norway comes eerily to life in this broodingly atmospheric ghost story. Subtle in its execution it draws the reader deeper and deeper into the story until you can feel the intense pressure of the endless dark days and nights. You'll hear every breath, every creak and feel every shadow and before long you'll be there on your own with your senses playing havoc with your mind.

There's even a name for it. They call it rar. Armstrong shrugs it off as a 'strangeness' which comes over some people when they winter in the Arctic. He says it's simply a matter of a few odd habits, like hoarding matches or obsessively checking stores. But I know from the books that it's worse than that.
And they talk of something called Ishavet Kaller, which seems to be an extreme form or rar. It means 'the Arctic calls'. That's what happens when a trapper walks off a cliff for no reason.
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