The Seven Days of Peter Crumb by Jonny Glynn

The Seven Days of Peter Crumb

Jonny Glynn

A harrowing account of the last seven days of Peter Crumb, an ordinary man, not good, not bad, but a man whose life has been destroyed by a single act of violence.

The week begins with a murder, and progressively gets worse. But is it the last seven days of Peter Crumb?

If you liked "American Psycho", this is the book for you

My heart was beating. I was shaking. His face was close to mine. I could feel his breath, tickling the hairs in my nostrils. I could see the spittle on his gums, the tarnish on his teeth, the shine on his eyeballs. All the little lines and little hairs. All the little details of his face.
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Explicit sexual content