Baghdad Fixer by Ilene Prusher

Baghdad Fixer

Ilene Prusher

A marvellous read; couldn't put this down! As much a love story as a thriller that gives us, through the eyes of Iraqi translator (fixer) Nabil and American journalist Sam, a piercing and harrowing insight into life after Saddam Hussein. Both beautiful and ugly, the story is well written and draws you into Nabil's predicament and emotional turmoil as well as giving you a real sense of what it was like back in 2003.

I study her face closely, and the reddened rims of her eyes. I try to imagine what goes on in her head when she is racing towards a deadline or towards some other goal. She's like one of those runners who grab cups of water from anonymous people along the sidelines of a marathon without ever stopping to thank them, to look at their faces in return. I wonder whether in Sam's life, I am like one of those anonymous people passing cups to a tired runner, or whether I will be more like one of those people at the finish line, someone Sam will throw her arms around after the race is over.
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