Too Asian, Not Asian Enough by Kavita Bhanot (ed)

Too Asian, Not Asian Enough

Kavita Bhanot (ed)

The editor has succeeded brilliantly in choosing stories that break the bestselling mould of south Asian fiction. Each story in the collection is so different; united only by their unpredictability and the fact that I loved them all. Please read the extract and try to guess both what the heroine does and who are the real villains: then read the story 'Dust' and see if you're anywhere near.

But it made no difference. Observing the identical chaps she thought of as the Tobys and the Tims being parachuted ahead of her, swiftly, subtly, silently, automatically, she pawed the ground and made a few private observations on the state of play in the real world. She set her face, let her anger flare and harden, then filed it to a cold neat edge.
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