Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig


Chuck Wendig

I can't tell you too much about Blackbirds without spoiling its many, dark, surprises. But I will say that it's so fast and funny, that if, like me, you read this novel too quickly you're going to get very confused as the author does like flashbacks and uses them to great effect. So pace yourself and enjoy the ride.

As he wheezes, his face turning red, she chops him in the neck with the butt of the pistol.
'Mastoid process triggers your gag reflex.'
True to her information, he doubles over gagging. He doesn't dry heave, he vomits what looks like an undigested hoagie.
She wonders how she's going to kill him. Hunched over in a Sumo position, puking on himself, he's trying to crabwalk backward.
Fuck it, she thinks. Strangle him to death.
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