Companions of Paradise by Thalassa Ali

Companions of Paradise

Thalassa Ali

Lovers of well-written historical romance rejoice! Cross-cultural and spiritual divides are explored in the concluding drama of a trilogy set against a backdrop of India and Afghanistan during British rule. The Sufi mysticism imbues the storytelling with a depth of authenticity which springs from experience rather than pure research. The author’s obvious passion for the people and region draws you in and keeps you reading.

Pride. Mariana's munshi had told her that pride meant everything to an Afghan. Any one of them, especially a Pushtoon tribesman, would willingly throw away his life to prove a point of defend a principle. He would never forget a service, would defend a guest to the death, and would offer asylum to anyone who asked properly, even someone who had murdered a member of his own family.
'If an Afghan's honour requires revenge' her old teacher had said, 'he will exact it, whatever the price. We have a saying in India: may God save me from the fangs of the snake, the claws of the tiger, and the vengeance of the Afghan.'
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