The Boy with the Porcelain Blade by Den Patrick

The Boy with the Porcelain Blade

Den Patrick

A young boy, one of the 'Orfani', struggles to make his way in a fantasy world where he and and his race are the underdogs. This involves him in numerous physical ordeals. The novel is extremely violent but because the characters are non humans there is little emotional impact. The novel is well written with some excellent descriptions however the chronology can be hard to follow at times. Definitely one for the fantasy fans.

'You bastard! You killed my horse.'
The man turned to him, saying nothing. Any further rebuke from Lucien died on his lips. He shuddered, stomach knotting, a thick surge of bile in his throat. Two sets of eyes, one pair below the other, stared back. One of the four was an odd blue, the rest three shades of unwholesome green . He looked to have lost his teeth, his lips forming a puckered arsehole below a broken blunted nose. The skin around his eyes and neck was deeply lined, his head bald and massive.
This creature was old.
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