Beneath the Skin by Nicci French

Beneath the Skin

Nicci French

Zoe, Jennifer and Nadia do not know each other and have nothing in common, except the man who intends to kill them. A truly frightening read - especially if your worst fear is being alone, being watched and losing all control of your life, as some faceless person takes it all away.

Dear Zoe, When does someone like you, young and pretty and healthy, become frightened of dying? I wonder. You smoke (there's a nicotine stain on your finger by the way). Sometimes you take drugs. You eat bad food. You stay up late and the next morning you don't get hangovers. Probably you think that you will live forever, that you will be young for a long while yet. Zoe, with your white teeth and your one small dimple when you smile, you will not be young for much longer. You have been warned. Are you scared, Zoe? I am watching you. I am not going to go away.
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