The Earthquake Bird by Susanna Jones

The Earthquake Bird

Susanna Jones

Lucy has had an unhappy childhood so seeking love, affection and a purpose to her life she moves to Tokyo and severs all links with her previous existance. A psychological crime story which will continue to haunt you long after you have finished reading it.


A young man stood in front of the Keio Palace Hotel, with streams of umbrella-wielding people passing him on both sides. He was leaning over the puddle, apparently taking photographs of it. Water slid over his hair and face but he seemed not to notice. His camera clicked and he moved fluidly to the other side of the puddle. I stared. He appeared to be made of water and ice. I had never seen a man with such delicate fingers, sharp brittle shoulder-blades, transparent brown eyes. He glinted in the neon dark more sharply than the vast ice sculptures of the Sapporo Festival I had marvelled at when I first came to Japan. He was an exhibit of the Tokyo night and so beautiful that I couldn't walk past him.

  • Killing Me Softly by Nicci French
  • No Night is Too Long by Barbara Vine
  • The Sculptress by Minette Walters

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