The Body Where I Was Born by Guadalupe Nettel

The Body Where I Was Born

Guadalupe Nettel

A woman talks to her analyst about what she considers to have been a strange upbringing which has damaged her - psychologically. In telling her story she comes over as a brave, clever, inquisitive & inventive child. The New Mexico setting allows for interesting divisions of class and race. Definitely worth trying if you are looking for something different. Also author of an award-winning collection of short stories - Natural Histories.


'Cucaracha' she yelled every two or three hours. 'Stand up straight!' Or 'Cucaracha, it's time for your atropine drops!'
I want you to tell me plain and simple, Dr. Sazlavski, if a human being can make it out of such a regimen unharmed? And if so why didn't I?

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