Modern Day Fables by Jason Petersen and Aarti Patel

Modern Day Fables

Jason Petersen and Aarti Patel

A common theme in these stories is disconnection between those who should be bonded to achieve the best outcome for both parties: parent and child, teacher and pupil, doctor and patient. Many of the stories have a school setting and offer the reader an insight into the American education system – and as such may appeal to young adults. My favourite story is a futuristic tale of our dependence on visual technology.

'Take ownership of what you got. Right now! You already know how! Misha's words kept coming and she saw Brent McKenna yelling at his lab techs and rising angrily from his throne. 'Shut her up immediately! She's infecting the screen, she's infecting the virtual environment! ... The lab techs were too slow in responding to Brent's order.... 'Stop her!' Brent shrieked as he started running toward Misha's chair. He was within twenty feet of her when a white blur shot out in front of his foot, tripping him and sending him sprawling to the ground. Poof panted in Misha's direction and decided to finish off the job. He hopped over to Brent's hand and bit down hard.
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