The Earlie King & the Kid in Yellow by Danny Denton

The Earlie King & the Kid in Yellow

Danny Denton

A dreadful warning about climate change, global warming, the collapse of society and the reversion to the dark ages. Think of a Heronymus Bosch pastiche by Andy Warhol, or Tolkien on drugs. You will get the idea. The Earlie King rules through fear and violence, Mr Violence fights back like the Angel of Death and through it all the Kid and T find love. And they have a babba. Saving the babba is the driving force of this dystopian story.

The reporter read his own work with curiousity, with a fervent unknowing, rediscovering his own words as if they were the work of another person. He was in awe again of the detail, fascinated, feeling against the dark attractions to dark words and terrible deeds. Stooped over him, Mister Violence read too, with that Cheshire cat grin, and grey-black church steeples for teeth.
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