The Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas

The Psychology of Time Travel

Kate Mascarenhas

Time travelling is now a regular activity in 2018 Britain, although one still shrouded in secrecy and highly regulated by 'The Conclave'. The murder of an unidentified elderly women sends ripples of alarm through the time travelling governing body. This witty debut is packed with interesting characters, novel ideas and inventions. Not surprisingly, it can be sometimes challenging to keep track of the chronology - but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

By the spring of 1969, the new Conclave headquarters - an assemblage of marble buildings close to St Paul's Cathedral - were complete. The small team of pioneers grew into an elite profession for a few hundred people. And as soon as the new machines were operational, time travellers arrived from the future, too.

Broadly speaking, there were three types of time traveller.
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