Godsend by John Wray


John Wray

Aden is a disillusioned young American looking for a purpose. She is angry with her parents and her country. So begins her new life, disguised as a boy, in Pakistan. Throughout the novel we remain her constant companion - we share her emotions and all the events she lives through: including the end. I felt emotional on finishing this read. It left me thinking - was it really her choice to travel or was she subtly groomed. We'll never know.

-I don't believe you, she said, feeling her legs lock beneath her.
-You are too young a boy, said the man. - Young and beardless and stupid. Do you hear what I say? You are stupid to travel in a place for which you have no understanding. You will dishonour yourself. You will bring yourself shame.
-I'm not afraid of you, she shouted as she felt herself pulled backward. Tears were running down her cheeks.
-Why do you go to the Mountain, said the man. As he spoke the words a burlap hood was pulled over her head.
-I told you. To keep my promise-
-Why do you go to the Mountain?
She fought for air and felt the fabric work itself between her teeth.
-Please. If you don't think I'm worthy-
-I'll tell you the answer. You go there to die.
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