Bigtime by Marc Blake


Marc Blake

The switching between different parts of the story may be confusing at first but stick with it because, like a stand-up comedian's routine, all the pieces will neatly slot together in the unlikely setting of a West Midlands motorway service area.


There was pride in his voice. Arrogant bastard, thought Andy. He thinks this whole conversation is about flattering him and his opinions. He was affronted. Rob may have been the more successful comedian, but to him they were still in the same year, like at school. Only difference being that Rob had made the first eleven and Andy was still coming in with sick notes. And I've got to put up with this shit all night? Sod that. But then he began to consider the facts. They still had an hour of the drive, then the gig and later on the jouney home .... With this in mind, he determined on a course of action, which would make things easier. He'd flatter him. With a gulp, Andy bounced on a mental springboard and submerged himself in Rob Gillen's ego. He had the feeling it was mostly going to be a shallow end.

  • The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie

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