Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Mexican Gothic

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

A crumbling house, rotten, mouldy walls, a family secret and eccentric people. Not what glamorous Noemí expects when she decides to visit her niece after a worrying letter from her. Catalina, just married to an Englishman, lives in a very old Mexican mansion in the country. What Noemí finds defies all belief. I really enjoyed this over the top and creepy tale of romance and horror. Well written, with lots of suspense and a bit of mycology.

Next to Noemí the wall had started to quiver, beating to the same rhythm as the golden woman. Beneath her the floorboards pulsed too; a heart, alive and knowing. The golden filaments that had emerged together with the mushrooms covered the wall like a netting and continued to grow. She noticed, then, that the woman's dress was not made of lace, but was instead woven with the same filaments.
The woman raised a gloved hand and pointed at Noemí, and she opened her mouth, but having no mouth since her face was a golden blur, no words came out.
Noemí had not felt scared. Not until now. But this, the woman attempting to speak, it made her indescribably afraid. A fear that traveled down her spine, to the soles of her feet, forcing Noemi to step back and press her hands against her lips.
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