Phenotypes by Paulo Scott


Paulo Scott

Federico, mixed-race but white passing, struggles with the privilege he experiences compared to his darker skinned brother. Past incidents reveal Federico's motivations for his work for racial equality and conflicts between theory and lived experience are exposed. The stream of consciousness narrative, though challenging, gives a close connection to the protagonist and makes for an intense, thought provoking read.


Man, you're so stuck-up, Federico, always were, Look at the colour of your skin, look at your hair, the way you wear that slicked-back hair you got, You got that white shell of yours, that totally fucking access-all-areas skin, You're never going to understand what it is to be black, to be a poor fucker getting hassled twenty-four seven on your street, in your neighborhood, in your city, You don't know, Totally stuck-up, And so, buddy, you'd best not relax, Today you're here, you're all good here in the Guitar Man, you're going to see the Eighty show, But don't you relax, and best lose that attitude of yours, that profound mental trip of yours as this righteous do-gooder, You're worthless, man, you don't know what it is to be part of the race

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