The Dawning by Karin Kallmaker

The Dawning

Karin Kallmaker

A light-hearted and undemanding read - lesbian sci-fi and romance. Amanda has been carrying a burden of guilt for 13 years. Deep in the hills of New Mexico she rescues a woman from drowning, but the woman is no stranger! Who is she and why did Amanda fall in a dead faint when she recognised her?

I pulled my hand free. I found the right word. 'Clone, You're Christa's clone. You're her daughter, but she is not your mother.' I started to gasp for breath. Words like abomination and beast, hocho and skinwalker - they swelled up in me. I crossed myself and wished I had holy pollen for protection. I covered my mouth, but could not stop my gasping nor my whimpers of terror.
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Explicit sexual content