The Largest Baby in Ireland after the Famine by Anne Barnett

The Largest Baby in Ireland after the Famine

Anne Barnett

A pale woman in a purple shawl with auburn hair falling freely down to the hips marched towards the watching men on the bridge. The vision made a new man of Felix, a batchelor aged 43, that night he dreamed of purple in the shape of a woman. A story of love between Protestant and Catholic set in Ulster during World War 1, charmingly and sensitively told.

'In for some shopping?' she said and recalled his impression of her. A woman in a purple shawl. Simple, easy, happy. She knew she could be these things, and if she had somehow lost sight of them it was only temporary, her buoyant spirits would return. 'And still reading the Times?' she asked, as he stood formally erect with his full faculties about him and his fear of losing them. He didn't know what to do with his hands, he held one behind him in the market man's gesture for studying form, or the cleric's for solicitious sincerity. 'I thought it was the Times the last time I saw you,' she said.
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