One Good Thing by Rebecca Stowe

One Good Thing

Rebecca Stowe

Brilliantly witty style and moves at a fast pace. Having not heard of this author before, I'm now desperate to read her other books.


As he turned to get the phone, he saw something, something large and white, fly past the window, followed by a muffled thud. What the hell? he thought, if those damn squatters are throwing out their mattresses again ... He stomped over to the window and looked down into the courtyard. There was what appeared to be a big crumpled heap of clothes down there, somebody's laundry or something. He reached for his glasses. 'Sweet Jesus,' he said. 'Sweet Jesus.' There, lying splayed on the broken concrete, was a body. A body, a dead one.

  • Passing Go by Libby Purves
  • Diary of a Househusband by Carl Peters

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