The Feast by Antony Sher

The Feast

Antony Sher

Take a front seat and enjoy an amazing performance. Politics and theatre collide to reveal the tragi-comic contradictions of modern Africa: its poverty and riches; its beauty and terror; its decadence and glory. This is Africa seen through the eyes of a man of the theatre. A commentator who is both fascinated and horrified by what he sees. You'll find this stunning and dramatic.

The scissors descend ... Felix is too shocked to feel pain. He watches the inside of his leg open like a big leather purse. Before any redness there is yellow, a layer of fatty yellow; it is surprisingly and weirdly bright, as though lit from within. Then to Felix's utter astonishment, the man undoes the fastenings around his ankles and steps back with a polite little flourish as though saying, "You're free to go now."