The Last Hope of Girls by Susie Boyt

The Last Hope of Girls

Susie Boyt

Young, free and at last in a decent living space in the city Martha's luck appears to have changed but there is no escaping her family. Unsettling, often unintentionally funny this is a refreshing antidote to Bridget Jones's Diary.

One thing she sometimes wondered, did the fact that she took the precaution of not quite having sexual intercourse with him stop their romance from really 'taking'?

At their last meeting they had talked for nearly two hours about concerns he had for his sister, that she had fallen in with a nasty crowd whom he feared depended too readily on drugs, and that he didn't know how to get through to her without being heavy-handed. Between them they evolved a strategy for his dealings with her that was kind but would not make him feel he had colluded with the more negative aspects of her behaviour.

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