John Dory by John Murray

John Dory

John Murray

An offbeat tale with some hilarious accounts of the narrator's schooldays; his ongoing war with his teacher, and his scrapes with his friend, Squinty Bar Radish. Underlying the reminiscences is a spiritual quest for meaning, and we are left to decide how far George Singer's enlightenment, through his encounter with the fish, has led him.

My stony late-middle-aged breast filled up with an access of trembling emotion. I was moved beyond words. It sounds very extravagant and arch to admit it, but I was moved beyond the confines of my being. Others more spiritually sensitive than myself might be lucky enough to see a radiant smile like that from a statue of the Virgin Mary .... It seemed like pure sacrilege in comparison, but in my unique case I had seen my beatific smile from a humble fish ....
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