Three Blind Mice by Caron Freeborn

Three Blind Mice

Caron Freeborn

The Mice versus The Red Lion, blame and retribution, but in this East End battle who will pay the price? A new relationship with a do-gooder brings with it moral tensions and the backdrop of criminal violence gives an intensity to sexual connections that may shock. S&M may not be a convential aspect of exploring new love, but don't be put off , the characters are real and likeable, the plot is fast and furious and the ending unexpected.

Minders, subtle as drag queens at a tea dance. Did Daz really think she wouldn't notice? More to the point what if Alex noticed? It'd be like when she slept on a camp-bed in Mum's room for the best part of a year, having a teenage brother with cocaine eyes, books torn from her hands in derision: normal, until you thought about telling someone who hadn't lived like that. Context. The hardest thing in the world to explain.
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