Rhythm Section by Mark Burnell

Rhythm Section

Mark Burnell

Not usually a thriller reader, I was quickly involved in this. A terrorist with several aliases - which one is the real woman?

Green overplayed his exasperation. 'The word of a washed-out whore? Excuse me, love, but you can kiss my fucking ring-piece.' Stephanie's inscrutability remained intact. 'I'll get a gun, one way or another. If not from you, then from someone else.' 'Fine. Then piss off. I don't care who you get it from as long as -' 'But I'll be sure to let it slip that you were the one who sold it to me. You can count on that.' Green looked incredulous. 'Are you threatening me?' 'I'm suggesting a trade.' 'I could have my lad out there make you disappear -' He clicked his fingers in front of his face. '-like that!' 'Grow up, Barry. You don't honestly think I'd walk in here after six weeks - after everything that happened in Brewer Street - without some kind of protection, do you?' 'What protection?' 'That's for me to know.' 'Bollocks. You're bluffing.' 'Then make me disappear.'
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