Resurrecting Mingus by Jenoyne Adams

Resurrecting Mingus

Jenoyne Adams

Whilst dealing with some of the issues of mixed race families this is a fairly conventional story - girl meets two men and chooses the one who turns out to be a rat - no surprises there then! Even though the chapters are narrated by different family members, several opportunities are lost to make this into a really good meaty book. Well written and easy to read, but disappointing.

Glancing away, Mingus noticed the brother she'd met at the bar being led to his table. He followed behind a woman in a short peach skirt suit with long, oiled legs. Mingus's eyes followed behind him. She tried not to stare, but couldn't help it. His skin was the color of pecans roasted in a dark brown sugar glaze. A goatee framed his black plum lips. She wanted to lick them.
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Explicit sexual content