Is Harry Still on the Boat? by Colin Butts

Is Harry Still on the Boat?

Colin Butts

Sex and drugs and holiday reps. In this sequel to Is Harry on the Boat?, rival holiday firms battle for the attention of a major music company hoping to cash in on the clubbing scene in Ibiza. A trashy, contemporary novel with a few laughs - a good holiday read.


One of the blanks in his memory was what he'd done with his clothes. As he searched for them, he picked up Imogen's panties. It was then that he saw the writing on them. This was not such a good sign. Greg racked his brain to try and recall what he had done to upset her, but it was no good.
What did slowly dawn on him was that whatever he had done was almost certainly connected to the disappearance of his clothes.

  • Is Harry on the Boat? by Colin Butts
  • It Shouldn't Happen to a Rep by Cy Flood
  • Leisure by Kevin Sampson

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