In This Way I Was Saved by Brian DeLeeuw

In This Way I Was Saved

Brian DeLeeuw

Guaranteed to leave you a little spooked come the end. This is a disturbing and scarily seductive story about Luke and his imaginary childhood friend, Daniel. What starts out as voices in the head becomes increasingly sinister when Luke heads off to college and Daniel's hold on him takes over - and their relationship becomes more and more destructive.

After a while he did not resist, and soon after that, there was nothing left to do the resisting. I filled out his shape. Everything was so rigid and inflexible, but perhaps this tightness was only a trick of my mind as I considered the body's new permanence. I opened my eyes and blinked out the dust. The flashlight lay at my side where it had fallen, and I picked it up, standing on shaky legs. I took a few steps, then looked behind me. A small child curled up on the floor in the beam of light. Dark-haired, smooth cheeked: Luke, six years old, as I'd first seen him in the playground.
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Explicit sexual content