Sixteen Shades of Crazy by Rachel Trezise

Sixteen Shades of Crazy

Rachel Trezise

Ellie is one of three ‘wives’ of Welsh wannabe superband, The Boobs. The arrival of English drug dealer, Johnny, in Aberalaw changes her life for ever. This book made me laugh, made me gasp, made me want to cut my throat – but it gripped me to the last page.


Every day, Andy told her that she was beautiful. It was the truth, his truth, but she never believed it. She wasn't unattractive, she believed that. But if she stayed in Aberalaw any longer, the despair embedded in the place would find its way into her features - wrinkles, thread-veins, saggy, swollen skin. And no-one was immune to it .... Even Sian, handsome as she was, would turn ugly in a mental hospital like Aberalaw.

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