Armies of Hanuman by Ashok Banker

Armies of Hanuman

Ashok Banker

Part four of this 3,000 years old epic finds our hero Rama looking forward to his future as King of Ayodhya after almost 14 years in exile. However the demoness Surpanakha and her evil cousin Ravana have other plans. Brilliant storytelling updated for modern readers of adventure and fantasy.

The attack came so suddenly that he barely had time to uncurl his tail. Before he knew what had happened, Rama was inside the curtain of creepers, one hand gripping his neck in a vice that could choke out his life at the slightest pressure, the other wielding the knife with which he had been cutting herbs and bark, pressing the blade to his chest hard enough to draw a few heads of blood. The tree-dweller froze...
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