Chang and Eng by Darin Strauss

Chang and Eng

Darin Strauss

It's seldom that you'll read a novel where the main character is two people joined together! Once you have adjusted your senses, you will surely be captivated by the ficionalised account of the lives of the world's most famous Siamese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker. Compelling and repellant by turns, this is a novel that will stay in your mind for a very long time.

'Look at the people' Chang was suddenly smiling, his eyes as far from me as Siam. He began to wave to the people like he was greeting friends. I recoiled from the muttering crowd, but Chang responded to the noise, drifting towards it, and - for the first time since we were children - my brother and I tried to go in opposite directions, and we almost lost our balance as our band smacked us together.

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