Notice by Heather Lewis


Heather Lewis

A difficult and disturbing read – in content rather than style. It’s the story of a vulnerable young woman who is repeatedly abused by those around her. Be warned, it contains explicit descriptions of sexual violence, and the fact that these are recounted in a calm, conversational narrative voice makes it all the more chilling. For all this, the book is strangely compelling. Like staring at a road accident, you just can’t help yourself.


For the longest time I didn't call it turning tricks. When I'd leave work, cross the street to the train station and, if some guy, a man, I guess really you'd call him, had come off the train, was on his way home, I'd take his money.
We'd do it in his car. I'd work maybe twenty minutes. Get maybe twenty dollars, which was good compared to what I made at my job across the street. Besides, it's hard to get more in a car. At least I told myself this. Though I guess how much depends on what you'll do for it.

  • Suspicious River by Laura Kasischke
  • Life Size by Jenefer Shute

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