Waterline by Ross Raisin


Ross Raisin

When a Glaswegian former shipyard worker's wife dies of cancer he can't cope with the guilt and descends into homelessness and alcoholism. An uncomfortable read at times, this moving portrait works best when we hear Mick's voice directly and provides a stark reminder of the times we live in.

The food store is gone. It's fine but, it's okay; no like it has come out of the blue. He's been intending the last few days to go the messages for one or two items. Bread. Biscuits. Cheap things that don't need going in the fridge and he can keep out here. Another bottle of whisky would be much appreciated too, but he's got to be careful watching the pennies, got to start thinking where's the money going to come from. He closes his eyes. Got to do this, got to mind to do that. It's too much to think about. Easier to shut the eyes just and go to sleep, no have to deal with anything just now.
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