Going Loco by Lynne Truss

Going Loco

Lynne Truss

This darkly comic book plays with the idea of the doppelganger. From the heroine, whose life is commandeered by her cleaning lady, to the palindromic brothers Noel and Leon, nobody is quite who they seem to be. It starts off as a fairly standard story about a woman trying and failing to have it all, but spirals off to a far darker and more sinister place. It's an absurd but fantastically funny read, and should appeal to anyone with a slightly offbeat sense of humour.

The Armadale Road job was proving extremely easy for Linda. In short, she loved it here. Belinda's life had so many vacuums, all of which Linda was very, very glad to abhor. No wonder Belinda continued not to recognise her as a malevolent double like the ones in books, even when Linda posed for author photographs, liaised with a new agent, and signed a deal with a toy manufacturer.
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