Alice Little and the Big Girl's Blouse by Maggie Gibson

Alice Little and the Big Girl's Blouse

Maggie Gibson

Once you start this book you will be propelled along by the outrageous adventures of Alice and her best friend Conor. I liked the comedy but I also really appreciated the very positive description of the friendship between a straight woman and a gay man.

Conor, Alice and Declan sat, mouths agape for a full five seconds, before Maura kissed Alice on the cheek. 'Welcome to the family, Alice.' Conor was still in a state of paralysis. Alice's heart began to thud and her face burned scarlet. She had completely forgotten about the wedding ring, probably because it meant so little to her. Her brain refused to engage think mode. 'Conor?' she squeaked. 'Conor, I think you'd better put your parents right.'
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