Let It Be Morning by Sayed Kashua

Let It Be Morning

Sayed Kashua

This book invites you to witness a terrifying week in the life of a young Arab journalist returning to his hometown in war torn Israel. Amidst the intensity, you eavesdrop on periods of the young man’s life as he muses on his childhood and his relationship with his demanding and brutal father. An shocking, unsettling read which will leave you with many questions – and rightly so.

I should have left everything behind and made my way to a sane country, anywhere. But like an idiot, I had preferred to go back home to my parents and to ignore the warning signals. I knew Arabs are hated everywhere. I knew that being an Arab is the worst thing that could happen to a person nowadays. The xenophobia they have in Europe couldn't possibly be as bad as what we have here. It just couldn't be.
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