Callisto by Torsten Krol


Torsten Krol

Is Odell Deefus an innocent come to Callisto, Kansas, or a very smart operator? Those of you who've seen Elvis Presley in 'Follow That Dream' may have some idea of his type of American hero, but the religious maniacs, crooked cops, dope pushers and even members of the US security services who meet him just can't make up their minds. A very funny, very dark novel.


We watched another sitcom but Lorraine didn't laugh. I started to think maybe I'm getting ahead of myself with this in regard to romance, I mean, she only got told this morning her aunt's been murdered and the one that did it is her psycho brother, who it turns out is also a Muslim terrorist. So I can understand her being upset, especially since Dean was mixed up with her and Donnie D smuggling drugs into the prison etcetera but at least that part has already been worked out okay thanks to me.

  • Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen
  • Aberystwyth Mon Amour by Malcolm Pryce
  • Pioneer Go Home by Richard Powell

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