Death of a Murderer by Rupert Thomson

Death of a Murderer

Rupert Thomson

As PC Billy Tyler sits in a hospital mortuary, is he visited by the ghost of the of notorious child-killer whose body he is guarding, or by memories of his own past crimes, or fears for the future of his Downs Syndrome daughter? You will have to make your own decision, as Billy finally does in this unforgettable read.


There were people things happened to. Billy knew that because he'd been one himself - for a while, anyway. The boy in the swimming trunks had been another. So, for that matter, had Trevor Lydgate. What was the quality they shared? Were they unlucky, or naive, or were they simply weak? He couldn't decide. Nowadays, of course, they would be called victims. not a word you'd ever think of applying to Raymond.

  • The Beast by Roslund-Hellstrom
  • Gone Baby Gone: Film by -

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